How to develop an LNG network in Germany?

No more fossil fuels

Rolande LNG is the current market leader in the Dutch LNG market for trucks and is expanding its network to Belgium and Germany. The mission of Rolande is to make sure that transport companies don't have to use fossil fuels ever again.

Jolon Van der Schuit joined Rolande as a CEO in 2014 and he brought 20 years of international management experience with him. As CEO he is responsible for the development of the LNG fuel station infrastructure in Europe as well as development and production of bio-LNG.


Mr. Schuit participated in the 4th International LNG Congress in Berlin (4-5th of June) with a presentation within a Plenary Session where he spoke about the steps to be made to develop an LNG network in Germany.

The small-scale LNG market is making significant steps in Europe

In several countries fuel stations for trucks are constructed in a high pace and also bunkering solutions for ships are currently in construction. Most of Europe can be proud of their network of full-size LNG Stations. For instance, France will operate 30 LNG fuelling stations by the end of the year, there are 20 stations in Belgium. However, the German market is not following this trend. There are several initiatives, but most of them are pilot projects and not the mature solutions as seen in the rest of Europe.

How can we change this? How can a steady and healthy transition to LNG in Germany be realized?


Other topics that will be covered in the frames of the 5th International LNG Congress are the transition from LNG to Bio-LNG and the advantages of LNG/ Bio-LNG in comparison to other alternative fuels (HVO, Hydrogen, Electric) for heavy duty vehicles.

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