5 steps to maximize profit from an industry event

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  Natalya Kuznetsova,

  Project Director of the 5th International LNG Congress

Visiting industrial events is a regular activity for O&G companies but the opinions on them differ: some companies do not visit them at all, some see such activities as a routine and an unjustified interruption in the working process. Others use them as a platform for business development and get the profit they count on, or even more. So what do you need to do to get a measurable result from an event? This year our team organizes the International LNG Congress for the fifth time so I am glad to share our experience - and invite you to celebrate 5th anniversary together! Enter the celebratory 5 Years Of Success contest and win the business prizes including free Congress passes:

Working on the Congress and our other events, we have a clear pattern of what is necessary for the successful participation of a specific guest. It turned out that the preparation process is as important as your actions at the event itself. Here are my tips for preparation which will help you enhance your productivity and create more benefits from the event.

1.   SETTING YOUR GOAL. The key principle to get a good result is to never visit the events for the record only. The goal of participation shouldn’t be limited by the event’s frames: listening to a specific report or seeing a specific stand. Use this visit to get all the benefits for your business, for example, present your upcoming projects to potential partners or a new product to future customers. Choose one activity that is crucial for your business now and concentrate on it using all the possibilities the event provides you. It will be your benchmark in the choice of the event and the format of participation.

2.   CHOOSING THE EVENT. Different types of events are suitable for different goals. We have come to use the closed-door format as it is not as massive, and it allows us to gather the top-managers and lets you contact all of the necessary people during two days. If you aim to share your professional experience and emphasize your company authority with a speech during the session, check the list of the topics mentioned in the business program. If most of your speech is too common or promotional it may not be good for your presentation goal. 

3.   DEVELOPING YOUR PARTICIPATION STRATEGY. To be prepared for networking, check the event’s schedule in advance and plan your time for the meetings: this way you will understand how many people you will be able to meet. It allows to be more precise while making a selection from the list of companies attending the event. You can also prepare a presentation for specific companies that you want to meet concerning their latest projects and activities, and set B2B meetings right at the event in order to negotiate possible collaborations and partnerships.

4.   WORKING WITH ORGANIZERS. Find the person on the organizers’ side in charge of your company and ask them about the preparation process, additional opportunities, and details. Don’t hesitate to talk about your goal and ask for possible ways to achieve it through the tools they may provide. Also, it’s beneficial to figure out who can you turn to during the event itself in case you will need any help or guidance —for example, introduce you to the person you need.

5.   USING MEDIA COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITIES. The media representatives are there not only to highlight the event, but you can also benefit from their presence by sharing information about the innovations and projects of your company. To make it more thoughtful and strategic, discuss it with your colleagues from the PR department and agree on topics you should and shouldn’t mention. Your PR manager may contact the media representatives in advance to arrange everything for you.

Photos from the 4th International LNG Congress

We found out that the personal organizers’ approach gives the most impressive results. To ease preparation for our guests, a personal manager works with them during the preparation process and at the Congress to make sure they hold all the necessary meetings, and achieve the goals they set.

We are pleased to invite our regular partners and the newcomers to the 5th International LNG Congress for a fruitful networking and anniversary celebration event. Subscribe to our social media and to our newsletter and we will keep you updated on the celebration activities.

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