Fabrizio Meloni

LNG Technologies Process Lead

Saipem SpA

I found it very useful for networking, there was a lot of audience, the level of presentations was high.

Léon van Bossum



I am quite impressed looking at the amount of people, at the topics that were discussed and the speakers. I really enjoyed the conference, that was really professionally organised.

Martin Cartwright

Gas Carrier Segment Director


LNGCON allows as to speak to those who we want to speak to, organising the meetings are vital for us to network properly and really talk about those subjects we want to talk about.

Javier Cervera

Head of Energy Transition


We have learnt a lot about other experiences here at LNGCON, I think that very professional people from the sector here, and it is really nice during two days to share a lot of experience.

Jens Wulff

Managing Director of Sales & Engineering

NEUMAN & ESSER Deutschland GmbH

Being a sponsor here- we get more visibility inside the market and we have about 300 to 400 real high level decision makers around us. And of course we have a lot of direct contacts in matchmaking sessions, which is also very helpful. LNGCON stands out from other events because of setting up the meetings and getting high level contacts.

Hakan Jubel

BDM Tank Gauging Liquefied Gases


You as a participant get the outlook in the industry and meet all the important people. You get a lot of attention from the team handling the conference, great that you have your personal manager to make your connections and to find your way around.

Mattia Maritati

Head of Gas Business Development


The presentations are done very professionally with a lot of contents and lots of very interesting news. LNGCON is a well-established conference, we really appreciate the competences and the revivification of the companies, that are attending, covering the entire value chain from producers to the utilisation. And it gives us opportunity to meet people in person.

Christoph Lütge

CEO of Oeltechnik Group

OELTECHNIK / Gesellschaft für Oeltechnik mbH

What we find here is any kind of customers or partners within the LNG arena and we have made a lot of new contacts during the event. LNGCON is the mixture of having nice presentations and discussions, using the hub also for displaying products and having certain space for private discussions also with customers.